Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Update from a Retiree

Notes from Justin
Monday, 8/29/11, 3:30 pm
Via Sue Hopple

These comments are not in any specific order and they are from my notes of Sue’s interpretations of what she visualized with Justin. Most of the comments were volunteered spontaneously.

Overall body scan
He feels that his left front foot is compromised but it is from compensation but he puts no judgment on it; he just deals with it. His body overall is not stiff or sore anywhere else and the problem that he had before with his right hind is now OK. Sue saw a limp on his LF.

As for his living situation, Justin says that there is a sense of ancestry and it is spiritual place and there is a quiet-ness about it that he likes. He likes the space and the lack of stress.

He says there is a “bitchy one” and the horses all look at her.

He says he likes his food but might prefer a bucket once in awhile instead of a nosebag and I told him that wasn’t an option and he said, “OK.”

He would like more of the “new” hay as he keeps looking for more of it. Sue kept hearing MORE, MORE, MORE and she said he was picking through the hay and moving the other horses away from it.

He says that his supplements are helping him and the pasture is helping him so he feels pretty good.

He likes to help with the other horses and feels that he is their “spokesperson” and he likes the importance that he has now and feels that he has a good sense of purpose in his life.

He said that a horse that recently died and had a hurt leg came by and visited them.
He said that the Native Americans that were on the land come by now and then and are “Running around” and that they like the horses and they are the “keepers” of the land. (All she knew is that he is located in Littleton…)

He fancies himself a “Lookout” and he is very alert.

He likes his routine.

He doesn’t like the bugs.

He has a pain that comes and goes in his right jaw (would be right under a human’s earlobe) He doesn’t feel that his thyroid is a problem.

He can hear the goats calling from where they are now and wonders if there will be something else in the pen that the goats were in. (She knew nothing about the goats.)

He said there is a person who is like the Pied Piper who has lots of buckets and things swinging from her arms with dogs and other animals following her and she makes noises, like she is calling out.

He said that another person, who is older, also has things swinging from her arms and smells good.

He said that he knows “Barb” through her horse and she is very quiet and he likes her.

He said that he was fine during the winter but there is one more thing about “winter” that I need to clarify with Sue.

He said that sometimes he is an “observer” of my dreams and when I dream about him that he is indeed there and confirmed proudly “Yes, that’s me.”

He said that there are two stallions that I am trying to help and that he can feel that energy. (And yes, there are two stallions that I’m worried about because they are in ill-fitting saddles and there’s nothing I can do about it and he knows these stallions from his previous barn.) Sue knew nothing of this.

He described my “pattern” when I come out to visit him: that I process things when I am with him, I talk to him and brush him and we walk around and it is good and he’s interested in what I have for him. He also said that it’s OK if I can’t make it out some days.

She sensed that he is a grounding rod for me.

He isn’t as interested as I am about me getting on his back again. (Well, OK then.)